Our Sunday services are live streamed via Zoom.  Here’s the 3-step process you’ll need to get yourself set up to participate.  Give yourself plenty of time to negate the stress of something new (and watch this video if you need more clarification – HOW TO JOIN A ZOOM MEETING):



The Passcode is 123456



You may be prompted to download Zoom.  Follow the steps to do so.  You should then be promoted to launch the Zoom application, which should take you into the meeting.  When prompted, enter the Passcode 123456.

If, after downloading Zoom and launching the application you are unable to see the meeting, try clicking again on the link in Step 1.



When prompted, enter the Passcode 123456.  Once Zoom has started, your microphone should be automatically muted.  Please check that this is the case.  You should then see a live video picture of the church auditorium.  Feel free to also put your video on, so others who join on live stream can see you, as this helps everyone feel a little more “connected”.

That’s it!  Get ready to join us as we worship Jesus!