February 2023

Together We Are One

The Gospel calls us to address anything that divides us because of our shared identity in Christ.

The Great Identity Exchange

Ephesians 2 describes the great identity exchange that occurs for those who are now “in Christ.” What does this mean and how should it shape our actions?

Jesus Is The Linchpin

Join us for a walk through the letter of Ephesians. Today is Ephesians 1 – Jesus Is The Linchpin. Everything finds its fulfilment and unity under Jesus.

January 2023

The Foundation For 2023

May everything we do in 2023 be founded upon the Greatest Commandment; the summary of the Bible.

December 2022

The Magi? Seriously?

There are some really surprising people in the Christmas story…including ancient pagan astrologers!

Good News of Great Joy

What is so joyful about the Good News that the angel proclaimed to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus?

November 2022

Praise From The Cave

Praising God is a lifestyle, even when life is hard.  When you find yourself in the cave, like David did, what is your response?

The Choice Is Yours

We come to the end of the Sermon On The Mount.  What are you going to do with Jesus’ teaching?  The choice is yours.

Shift Your Gaze

You know a tree by the kind of fruit it produces.  It is critical that Kingdom people learn to discern, and eat from, healthy trees.

Kingdom People Are Persistent People

“Ask, and it will be given to you.”  It’s a straightforward proposition, but in reality there are some natural challenges to living out this teaching of Jesus.

October 2022

The Other Side Of The Planks And Specks

It’s one thing to correct someone. But, how do you go when YOU’RE the one being corrected?

Planks and Specks

“If every Christian understood Jesus like I do, we would be the least judgemental group in the world!”

Overcoming Anxiety

Jesus says, “Don’t worry about tomorrow.”  Easy, right?  

Buy Cake. Share Cake. Eat Cake.

The Kingdom of Heaven grows when we buy cake, share cake, eat cake.  In that order.

The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Girt By Grace

We took a short break from our Sermon on the Mount Series to consider the role that grace plays in the Kingdom of Heaven.

September 2022

How To Pray Like Jesus

Prayer is critical to the life of faith. So, it’s vital we explore what Jesus taught us about how to pray.

You and Your Father

Is what you do motivated by what others will think of you?  Or by your relationship with your Heavenly Father?

Build, Not Break

Lust. Adultery. Divorce. Oaths. Just a few light topics for Fathers Day 2022!

August 2022

Live Like You Were Designed To Live

Followers of Jesus ARE salt and light. It’s the nature of a Christian.  What does it mean to live as you were designed to live?

Character Traits of Kingdom Citizens

The Sermon On The Mount is Jesus’ great Manifesto of what life is like as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Beatitudes form the foundation of this manifesto and outline two key character traits of Kingdom citizens.