August 2022

Live Like You Were Designed To Live

Followers of Jesus ARE salt and light. It’s the nature of a Christian.  What does it mean to live as you were designed to live?

Character Traits of Kingdom Citizens

The Sermon On The Mount is Jesus’ great Manifesto of what life is like as a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. The Beatitudes form the foundation of this manifesto and outline two key character traits of Kingdom citizens.

July 2022

Pursuing Patience – James 5:7-12

Anyone else struggle with not having enough patience? James has some pretty pertinent things to say about the pursuit of patience.

A Rough Wrestle – James 5:1-6

Ever come across a Bible passage you’d rather avoid?  Yeah, me too…like James 5:1-6

The Conscious Choice To Follow

Following Jesus is a conscious choice we make. When we don’t make that choice, criticism and arrogance can steal us away.