November 2023

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Sometimes truth is too much to bear. We need to grow in our capacity to receive more truth.

June 2023

When God Lets Us Down

How do we navigate the feeling of being let down by God?  What do we do when God fails us?  Psalm 44 offers some incredible insights.

May 2023

Christ’s Ascension

Jesus’ ascension after his resurrection doesn’t get much attention. But, it is a pivotal and crucial part of the gospel!

March 2023

Renounce, Repent, Receive, Give Thanks – Ephesians 5:1-20

Becoming “who we are” means participating with Christ by joining in Him in His life.  How does that happen?

February 2023

The Great Identity Exchange

Ephesians 2 describes the great identity exchange that occurs for those who are now “in Christ.” What does this mean and how should it shape our actions?

November 2022

Shift Your Gaze

You know a tree by the kind of fruit it produces.  It is critical that Kingdom people learn to discern, and eat from, healthy trees.