November 2023

Jesus Prays

After his final words and before his arrest, Jesus prays. What can we learn from the Priestly Prayer in John 17?

Jesus’ Final Words

What would you want your final words to be? John 16:22-33 are the last words (recorded in John’s gospel) that Jesus speaks to his disciples. What can we learn from Jesus’ final words? 

You Can’t Handle The Truth!

Sometimes truth is too much to bear. We need to grow in our capacity to receive more truth.

What If The World Hates Me?

Why does the world sometimes hate Christians?  It’s an honour to be rejected for My sake…it’s a shame to be rejected for being a jerk.

October 2023

A Vine, Some Branches and Fruit-filled Lives

Do you sometimes feel like God is pruning you? Maybe that’s His reward and blessing toward you…

How To See Jesus Even Though He’s Not Around

Jesus left to go be with the Father. But, he says in John 14 that we would still “see” him. What does he mean by this? How do we see Jesus even though he’s not around?

Encouragements From Farewell

Change is inevitable in life. Jesus knew this and spent considerable time building encouragement into his followers in the midst of change.